Protesters gather in Las Vegas to speak out against mask mandate

Wait until the inevitable lockdown takes effect again. The delta variant is only warming up and plenty of unvaccinated people will make it easy to escalate back to square one. The face mask mandate is definitely annoying, I'm definitely selfishly against it since I am both vaccinated and don't take the virus that seriously since I live alone thus have nobody to care about if I bring it home with me, but I don't see how an adult has so little to do that they're gonna protest over what's obviously the right thing to do. There's selfish, then there's stupid. I will refuse to wear it outside since it's hard to breathe, but inside where it's air conditioned shouldn't be a problem unless you got a bad mask (Haynes changed my life, I was super against masks until I got them. I had no idea they're supposed to be easy to breathe in).

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