PS4 has 229 Exclusives and XBONE has 122 Exclusives |

Why do you not understand what I'm saying here? They are un-fucking-related. People complaining about a shitty firmware update has nothing to do with exclusives, absolutely nothing.

You want the answer as to why this thread got downvoted? You said it yourself, and I'm glad you finally revealed your true intentions. To quote you, "Now there is a thread suggesting the PS4 is the better gaming console due to having over 100 more games it gets instantly downvoted and and negative remark about Xbox One gets downvoted even if it is factual."

In case you don't realize what I'm getting at, here it is. This thread got downvoted because it's nothing but fanboy bullshit. "PS4 is the better gaming console" and "negative remark about Xbox One gets downvoted even if it is factual".

YOU can think the PS4 is the better gaming console but someone else may disagree. That doesn't make them wrong and you right. It's opinion.

And you probably got downvoted in the thread about the firmware update because your point had nothing to do with the topic. Games are more important, that's true, but that's unrelated to complaints about features. This is like someone complaining about the bug that erases your save data in Battlefield 4 single-player and you come along talking about how the gameplay is better than Call of Duty. What's that got to do with anything?

And this- "people shouldn't be more worried about features on their gaming console than exclusives" is just so wrong I don't even know where to start. To begin, the vast majority of games that come out on either system are multiplatform. Generally speaking, the only games that are exclusive are from Sony or Microsoft themselves, or from indies who don't have the resources to make multiple versions of the game at once. No one who is trying to decide between a PS4 and Xbox One says "Oh boy, I better get a PS4 because it has 100 more exclusives." It's about the quality of the exclusives, not the number.

In the end, though, the complaints about the firmware are indicative of the larger problem. People have been telling Sony for YEARS what features they want, and most of these features (likely all, to be honest, though) are standard on other systems. Yet Sony continues to give us features no one asked for. That's why we're complaining, because we're tired of Sony not listening. That's all, people are frustrated and wanted to bitch about it. That's all it was, and is.

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