Psychonauts, what's going on with you? What are you going through right now?

I'm a university student involved in arts management and am excited to say I was given a job offer to a local arts initiative gallery. I'm slowy trying to promote the ideas I've realized under altered states through writing, music, and visual art; and it's slowly coming into reality. I'm also cofounder of a new club. We create a nonbiased and nonjudgemental environment where free thinkers are able to talk about controversial and meaninful topics contemplating the status quo. We're trying to materialize the discussions found in r/psychonaut, r/futurology, and similar subs.

Over Spring Break I had my most humbling trip from 3 grams of the Golden Teacher. I was truly happy and re-rediscovered how beautiful it is to be alive and have the relationships that go along with that priviledge. It's been 2 weeks since but the realizations I made from that trip are still fresh in my mind and I hope they stay. My life outlook could not be more positive. It's truly unfathomable the places where the human mind can go, and this immediately makes me angered and cynical towards the powers that deny human experience. I understand there needs to be a balance, but the power of the internet is soon to overpower those who control the majority -- and that excites me.

Life's crazy. But so far my life passion is to promote sustainable ideas through art, therby shifting culture. I understand that this has been the passion of many people, but in our circumstances today, I truly do think that the fundamental nature of our society will change in my lifetime. I want to be promote, and be prepared for that switch.

So what am I going through? I'm kind of at a middleground of action right now. A lot of things are about to initiate. That pressures, but also excites me. The weather's changing, there's more smiles than frowns, and I'm still constantly perplexed by the human condition. Life's great.

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