Do I qualify for lemon law?

CT state law requires that they pay for all parts and labor required to keep the car mechanically and operationally sound for any issues that occur within 60 days or 3000 miles if the car cost of $5K.

There is no right to return the vehicle though they may be compelled to do so if the repairs will end up being price.

Additionally, "The warranty must cover all parts and labor but need not cover damage due to accidents or misuse. The warranties must provide that the vehicle is mechanically operational and sound and will remain so for the coverage period.** It requires a dealer to honor the warranties even if the warranty period has expired as long as the consumer has notified the dealer of the problem during the warranty period.** A warranty may be waived by the consumer, but only if the waiver is for a specific defect disclosed by the dealer.

The law prohibits a dealer from limiting warranties by using phrases like “fifty-fifty,” “labor only,” “drive-train only,” or similar words attempting to disclaim responsibility."


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