Recommendation for "desktop" vape with whip function for bong replacement.

Owned many vapes but logs and my trusty buddha are all I keep now besides portables.
For your needs you described I would go with either the buddha or the UD. My buddha has a modified SSV heater cover so the whip and stem do not stay attached to the heater cover which makes it more convenient for stirring in my opinion. It behaves exactly like my now sold SSV. I prefered the striaght up and down buddha styling to the slanted SSV. I can leave it on all day everyday and will always be ready for a draw. I hang my whips from a shelf so it's not as cumbersome to leave the wand packed. BUT if I had to choose one it would be the UD or HI log style vape. It's tiny or big if you want, very attractive and the most convenient desktop vape out there IMO. It's always on but doesn't have to be. I prefer the SS/nylon direct draw stems or a SS tipped glass stem if I want to see how much vapor I'm inhaling. The SS tip is tiny so you can pack it for a 1 hitter or a little more for 3-4 hitter. It's hands down the best. With a VVPS you can change the voltage to lower or raise the heat if needed but not necessary. The way I look at the UD or HI is more of a lighter than a vaporizer. It's a heat source and your stems are your joints. I keep some herb ground up in a container and whenever I want I just suck up a bit of herb into the stem tip and put the UD up to it and take a hit maybe 2 then blow out the AVB into jar, done! it's always ready to go. I used to save the Buddha for friends when we have 3-4 people over but sadly the buddha is back in storage as friends prefer the UD now. They were skeptical at first lol. But now I've ordered a few more nylon stems and hand them out to friends when they come over so each can pack and hit it when and how they want. It's great in the winter here because there's no spreading of germs either. The critical advantage to any log vape is the how little you can use. Sure you can just pack your buddha with less herb but it doesn't vape as well with smaller loads. It gets kinda airy, uneven and hot. With a UD, HI or Nano, you can pack such a teeny tiny amount and get a nice full tasty hit. Not only does this conserve but it tastes soooooo much better. Think about it this way, would you rather take one hit of fresh herb 4 times or 4-6 hits from a bigger bowl (SSV buddha) but have 1-2 tasty hits and the rest tastes spent. And just my opinion maybe its a mental thing but 4 fresh hits always gets me feeling higher and clearer than one bowl from the buddha. There's just something about how the UD extracts the material that I've not found elsewhere. Whichever you choose you can't lose but for my needs which are convenience, conservation and quality of hits and high the UD or HI can't be beat. Oh and I have to mention Dave and Amanda from UD are THE best people in the world. I've never experienced customer service like that before.

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