Question for the ladies

I spent a decade in the military and working for e government. We used male and female all the time.

I’m not even 40 yet and I’m pretty damn progressive and i only recently found out “female” is apparently sexist.

Now… it’s not my place to tell other people what is or isn’t offensive or problematic for them. I’m of the mindset to simply just avoid using words that become problematic. After all, that’s progress.

But I’d implore you to consider that not everyone using that word is some kind of MAGA neckbeard sexist that won’t deviate from my old timey ways. Despite having a diverse group of friends (albeit diverse that is mostly binary straight and gay friends of all cultures, and very few non-binary people) this is still a new one for me. Some of us legitimately mean no harm and have backgrounds where male/female was used on a daily basis to describe types of uniforms, physical fitness test scores, etc.

A lot of people are certainly on the right side of things, it just can be hard for some of us to keep up if we’re not fully engrained in the culture.

And I currently live in San Diego, I’m not in some small town in Texas.

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