A question for other females- how do you deal with unwanted advances at game nights?

Not a woman but that really sucks. It sound like they didn’t mean to offend you but you did say they pursued you “aggressively” which is unsettling. As a guy, I have noticed some women are very good at shutting this type of stuff down way before needing to yell “shut up!” but I couldn’t possibly offer specific advice except to say, trust your gut. If they feel threatening, assume they are.

Every guy has made an unwanted advance (to some degree) toward a girl and if they’re decent but just oblivious, they’ll appreciate an unambiguous rejection. It really is hard for us to tell sometimes... though not sure I’ve ever been “aggressive” , as I say. So take this with a pinch of salt.

(Apologies for the advice you didn’t ask for.)

Good luck and hope you find a better group to play with.

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