Question on new pp rebalance

i don't think a change to the pp system should ever achieve what you want here, because it will break tons of other things along the way. while hidamari is pretty overweighted in general, it only becomes incredibly broken when people are doubletapping it. ppv2 currently doesn't see any difference in between a doubletapped and fairly streamed play besides the expected drop in accuracy. the rework does this slightly better, assuming that players getting 50s are mashing/cheesing, and punishes their tap pp accordingly. it clearly is still not THE solution to hidamari because there exists doubletapped/cheesed plays with low 50 counts. other forms of information that could be sent (like UR) are unreliable and should just never be used in pp calculation

i get what you're getting at by saying the map shouldn't be ranked, but i think it's fine if the map is ranked and it just doesn't give pp or something like this. that's probably the best fix we can do unless some form of doubletap detection gets put in place

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