Question: to what extent is racism a part of Norwegian culture in 2016?

The difference between the US and Norway is pretty large in that regard, especially since the US is a country of immigrants so to speak. Norway is not and when immigrants come here and are oblivious to our culture and don't respect the even the foundational rules of our society then they do not deserve a place in it.

In Norway a huge part of immigrants feel entitled to be here and do whatever they please, Norway has goten a reputation in poorer countries of the world and the middle east as a weak country where you can get alot of money without working, even friends of mine have confirmed this(from Iran and Ethiopia respectively) and it makes me realize what a joke our immigration politics are.

We do nothing at all to keep our culture intact but we let people from other cultures come here, get whatever they need and then some, we feel obliged to treat them with super respect and that respect is not mutual. Of course not in every case but actually it is pretty common.

Immigrants from the middle east are less tolerant to homosexuals, atheists, different clothing styles, white skin and even music in my experience. I was assaulted and stabbed a few years ago, which was the most serious assault on me personally, and it was because of my androgynous looks and they shouted things like gay to me.

The reason I think immigrants are less tolerant here is because they expect us to conform to their way of life, and even the state conforms to them if there is an issue, and lately it has been getting ridiculous.

If you don't conform you get called racist and if you conform you are basically bending over and spreading your cheeks. But those are the choices for native Norwegians now, so clearly something isn't working.

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