/r/JRPG Discussion - What have you been playing, and what do you think of it?

Been playing a number of games actually.

  • Bravely Default. Up to Eternia atm.

I love pretty much everything about it except for how grindy it can get, though mercifully the game has a number of anti-frustration features that help mitigate this. The battle system is one of the best turn-based systems I have ever seen, the soundtrack is great, the art direction is superb, etc.

The story is typical JRPG silliness but at least the characters are decently entertaining if not particularly profound or interesting. Ringabel is easily da best. since i didn't come into this game expecting a great story i don't really mind it not being too great.

  • Valkyrie Profile 2

Being a huge fan of the first game I wasn't so sure about this at first but once I "got it" boy did the game click for me in a big way. It has so many complex and interesting gameplay mechanics, and expands and refines the original's already fantastic battle system in a new way with the complexities of the third dimension. The visuals are stunning for a PS2 game, soundtrack is some of Sakuraba's best work, and overall it's just a joy to play.

The story has a couple of interesting things going for it but it's honestly lacking so far compared to the original because a huge part of the first game's atmosphere, tone, and overall power were the tragic einherjar backstories. Without them it really isn't the same.

I still want Valkyrie Profile Hrist. Fuck your Covenant of the Plume shit, Tri-ace.

  • Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter

I wish I had found out about this game earlier. I haven't gotten far into it at all, haven't even received the dragon powers because this game keeps fucking me up. super unforgiving but i'm determined to beat it. I also love the visuals and the surprisingly good Hitoshi Sakimoto soundtrack, probably his best work ever tbh. Shame not that many people seem to be aware of it.

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