Rand Paul seeks “Criminal” Investigation of Dr. Fauci After Senate Tussle

Well, did he lie to Congress? I don't care about the politics part, I care about the crime part. Did the NIH give any funding to China's labs or their researchers?

Here's a hypothetical: If I give you $100 for an empty dime bag, but it just so happens to come with meth, does that mean I'm legally in the clear for purchasing meth since the meth was just a 'bonus' or I didn't know about it on paper and only bought the bag? If it's true Fauci authorized a grant to a Wuhan lab where wink wink they totally don't study gain of function, he's still criminally liable for lying to congress. If the Wuhan lab got no direct or indirect funding at all, then Fauci is in the clear.

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