I read my boyfriend's journal and he thinks I'm ugly

So first off, never, and i mean never, read anyones journal, that is so messed up and especially so in a relationship.

Most people write things in their journal to cope with stuff they cant tell anyone else, they do that to understand themselves, relieve stress and learn to better and improve on recurring bad or negative thoughts.

How people deal with things is different.

Just to play devils advocate, if he wrote it in the journal it doesnt mean that it was meant exactly as written, like i said he never expected anyone to read it so he is completely free and unhibited how he words things vs. how someone would do it if they know anyone else reads it.

That obviously doesnt mean what he said was good, but you should at least talk to him about it.

Like i said, i dont agree or support what he said, im sure you are beautiful OP, since everyone is beautiful to someone and ugly to someone else, thats just how attraction works.

But i think you should talk openly about it, about your breach of trust and his comments about you.

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