We really need stricter penalties for drivers that kill pedestrians

The victim was on a sidewalk when the 43 year old G1 driver (who was driving beside someone who didn't even have their license for over 4 years) lost control of her car in a parking lot and mounted the sidewalk and struck and killed the 86 year old woman just walking on the sidewalk.

So we're going to have the usual rhetoric about increasing sentencing because of the heinous result of this, without acknowledging that increased sentences haven't been demonstrated to deter crime. The best they do is put people away longer. And this doesn't account for the demonstrated increased recidivism when they get out. And that's only for intentional crime, not accidents.

So let's talk practical solutions. What about infrastructure? The victim here was walking on a sidewalk and a car went from car infra (the parking lot) to non-car infra (the sidewalk). What about some sort of physical barrier (heavy duty bollards?) around the car infra to stop people from moving to non-car infra? It would be hard to wrap all roads with physical barriers, but we could at least start with parking lots and other relatively smaller, car-focused infra. The same goes for the paths pedestrians take within parking lots to get to the store.

Basically, keep the death machines contained to areas they can only impact other death machines. At least all the drivers have metal cages and airbags to protect them.

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