Reddit reacts to Max Landis Allegations: "Zoe Quinn is a parasite", "Twitter court is in session I guess lulz" etc.

It's kinda interesting how closely reddit's default reaction to accusations like these mirror clueless dudes' reactions to that "Cat Person" story, in terms of just not getting it.

Like you have guys saying essentially true things -- the woman in that story is kinda egotistical/immature, you should be skeptical of things you read on the internet -- but painfully missing the point of the story.

The conversation about the extent to which we should or should not believe any particular accusation is simply not the pertinent conversation at the moment. The central issue is the degree to which women's lives have been shaped around the accommodation of men and men's feelings about women. It's about how women are expected to endure men, and how their success is in large part dependent on their ability to navigate the men in their lives. It's about how men are the centre of gravity even in discussing their misdeeds against women.

Women have told stories about turning down career opportunities in order to avoid Max Landis, and advising other women of doing the same. Whether he actually did all that he's accused of is immaterial to the broader issue, then. Even if those women were being overly cautious in this case, the material conditions exist which make these measures necessary. Those conditions are the point. It shouldn't be the case that women need to navigate men. It's so frustrating that again the conversation revolves around men and how this might affect their special snowflake sensibilities.

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