Reddit, what's the loneliest thing you've done?

Sometimes it's lonelier to be lonely when you're actually with someone :/

Years ago, I was really down and somehow got emotionally invested in receiving a present for once. My husband didn't have a job, which was fine with me. I didn't need a present that cost money, I just wanted the thought. But he kept saying, "Aw I'd get you something, but I've got no money," over and over, like he couldn't understand the concept of a non-purchased gift.

So... fuck it, I give him some money.

He asks me to take him down to Target to look around for my present. Awesome! I'm already getting excited. Can't wait to see what he picks out for me.

After 10 minutes of him perusing all parts of the store he has any interest in (electronics, as there was a game release hype at the time), he admits that he doesn't know what to get me.

He keeps asking, "What do you want?" which is already killing it for me. All I really wanted was the 'thought' part of the gift-giving process. I want to be surprised.

Still, I don't want to be difficult, so I throw him a bone and say a sweater would be nice, because I'm always cold and just needed one.

So he goes to look at sweaters.

He comes back 3 minutes later and says he doesn't know what kind to get me. He hounds me about this, with a really snappy, impatient attitude, until I walk to the sweaters with him and look.

I'm thinking... fuck, this is making me feel even worse.

I go ahead and pick one out, mostly just to get this shit over with. He's frustrated with me, I'm on the verge of tears. I just want to go home.

He wants to know what color. I say brown. He doesn't know my size. Small. Can't read the tags to figure out which one is which.

So I basically walk over and pick one off the rack and walk it up to the checkout myself.

The cherry on top? As he's taking out the money I gave him to pay for the sweater I picked out for myself, he makes this wonderful comment:

"Thank god, I'll still have enough money left over to buy myself a new Xbox charger."

Worst fucking birthday ever. I still wear the sweater, but I really hate everything it stands for.

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