Redditor is fat shamed after announcing her pregnancy, she shows up and shames OP so hard that she deletes her account.

That's funny, I never mentioned health issues; but you're quick to add it to my list of transgressions. Almost as if someone criticizing one aspect of your world view gets painted with a broad brush of generalized flaws. You know, that whole prejudice thing you brought up.

That's not what I'm saying at all, and it hasn't been in any of my posts. You're going after an aspect of my argument that simply does not exist. Since you're so keen on rethoric and logic, here's some for yourself:
You've attacked an imagined representation of my argument that I don't hold, so congratulations on dishing out one of the most literal straw-man's I've ever had the displeasure of coming across.

Here's what I do hold:

Nobody should be ridiculed just for being fat. If you're happy being fat, then that's just fine with me. Be who you want to be, I could honestly care less. I've done things in my lifetime I can guarantee you are a million times worse than being overweight for one's health.


Being fat is not some helpless state you can't overcome. If being fat bothers you, you can simply eat less; and if you have the discipline you will be thin. Barring a handful of medical conditions, which I have a deep and personal understanding of, so let's not get into that quagmire of "you don't know what you're talking about" -you have no idea the life I've lived and the people I've known-; most cases of being overweight can be treated with patience and willpower.

No matter how much you will your skin to be white, or whichever you feel will be better for you; no matter how much you will your gender to change; no matter how much you wish you'd be attracted to the 'normal' gender, you can't change that. These are issues seeded much deeper than some body fat. They are not choices; they are facts of life. To try and liken a life-choice like staying fat to something such as race or sexuality is simply wrong.

Again, let me reiterate since you seem to forget what I've typed before. Nobody should be mocked just for being fat; that's a choice you get to make, and if you want to make it then fine. But do not pretend like your "struggles" like people being passive agressively mean to you on Facebook are anywhere near that of actual oppression.

When people are mean to fat people, that's a banal meanness. It's on the level of all other douchebag behaviour. It's making fun of a life choice of someone. Making fun of someone's choices is still a dick move, but it's not discrimination.

Again, I'm making this a generalized argument. For those with genuine health problems that prevent them from losing weight, say people on prednisone retaining water out the eyeballs and back, this entire post does not apply.

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