I am researching the topic of sustainable personal development to help people who suffer from chronic depressive symptoms and a genetic predisposition to depression. Please share your experiences as well as any academic insights you know on that matter.

I tried to reply with something reasonable, but I seriously couldn't. Because this might be the shittiest post I've read in a while. I have a couple questions to you:

What are you doing? Seriously? You're understanding of emotions in general seems so mechanical. Listing why and how people feel good? Do you even know where you're posting this? Who you're talking to? Many here, including myself, are getting hit in the face with these "facts". It's like you're pressing a book into my face with reasons why I'm not happy.

I would be glad to know what gives you strength on the long run. What type of practices you are enjoying? How do you manage to get your portion of positivity every day? Maybe you have any special habits that make you better off...

Nothing. Nothing. I don't. I don't.

To understand depression, or any mental state, you have to get your nose up from whatever books you're reading. "Studies show", well thanks for telling me I'm not a part of the majority that's happy. You... You need to go talk to people. Try to have a conversation with someone who is depressed. How you could go about doing that, I have no idea. But this is not it at all. It almost feels like I'm not even a person to you. You're feeding information in and expecting a sufficient answer in reply.

Actual honest question. Is like 80% of your post a copy paste of some paper you're writing for school?

You know what? I would actually be happy to answer whatever question you have, and maybe I still can, but not if you're gonna hand me a test where I have to "put on a scale of 1-10" shit.

I'm also gonna warn you if you're planning on doing something similar other places: This shit seriously can fuck people up. You better be careful about how you treat human beings. I'm actually scared that you will go into /r/SuicideWatch and post something like: "9 out of 10 people who say they are going to kill themselves are actually just doing it for attention, but doesn't have the balls to do it". That shit kills people.

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