Redditors who have found dead bodies, what’s the story?

I worked in the police when I was too young to realise that was a terrible life choice. Before I bailed and went in to an intel role I’d put myself up for deaths because they were easy all day jobs. Sat with a lot of suicides and a few rotting corpses. One chap was really putrid and I was with him all day, I was only about 19. The fluid in his body obviously stopped circulating when he died, and over time as it sunk down and seeped out, the centre of gravity kept shifting and caused him to roll out of bed and his head got wedged between the bed and bedside table. I moved the bedside table away, then went to roll him which is when I noticed his face came off and was still stuck to the table. That was over a decade ago and sometimes I get that olfactory smell of death.
Another one, an old lady hung herself in her cupboard. I found that kind of scary because her head was purple, and then her three daughters showed up. What a terrible scene. I just went and sat in the lounge and left them alone with her crying hysterically for hours. The guy on my team who I was there with was actually found dead in his house two years later of a heroin overdose. There was this other one where a Chinese businessman jumped off of his floor within his high rise office block, and landed head first in the canteen. His head split in two with a huge crack down his face, and his brain ripped out and skidded across the floor. That was just weird, he didn’t look real. What’s worse than remembering is thinking that there are probably loads I’ve forgotten, and that makes me a bit sad for those people.

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