in a relationship now, sometimes i miss being able to get escorts

And women don't have lot of options? All the things you listed are heavily stigmatised and expensive, men who seek out these services are seen as lowlife scum that "can't get laid", so I fail to see how those options are great. Also, perfectly average women can go to a bar on a Friday night and take their picks as to what guy they want to fuck that night, but they don't, because they have too high of a standard and then they go back to complaining about how "men won't fuck them".

I've seen you comment on several different subreddits and it seems like you have some insanely fucked up self-image and self-confidence issues. Millions of people are in relationships and perfectly happy, yet what keeps you from getting with someone are things like "nobody likes my small boobs", "I am average", "Men can do x,y,z, why would they do me?" and the like, even when a lot of people told you (on here) that you are hot as fuck.

The sad reality isn't anything about average girls. Look outside and see how many "average" girls have relationships they are happy in. The sad reality is that you have - for whatever reason that may be - put yourself in some thought process that almost matches some of the stuff frustrated, male redditors let out. You're not even average, but you've told yourself so and that's what you believe. Your small boobs aren't what keeps you from relationships, neither are your kinks or your "average" looks - it's your insecurity.

I'm not trying to attack you here - quite the opposite, I understand your thought process because I have those thoughts a lot myself. No matter how much others tell me I'm fine, I choose to tell myself I am an ugly motherfucker nobody will ever want to touch. I get it. But I hope you can find your way out of that hole, because quite frankly, it would be sad if a really attractive girl like you would end up alone because of her brain telling her stupid things. I don't know where you live, but maybe it would do good to look for therapy in this regard.

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