Right now, as you read this, what is your number 1 desire?

Keys in the ignition is completely different from just THINKING ABOUT IT or STANDING NEAR IT.

They're both similar in that you're closer to driving that car than normal (as opposed to sitting in the bar for example), one being closer than another is an arbitrary distinction. The point is, in all cases, you're not actually driving the car. There are legitimate reasons for having keys in the ignition besides driving the car. For heat, music, whatever.

Who fucking cares what you or I think SHOULD be a law?

Do you understand how the legislative process works in this country? Retarded laws remain in place because no one bothers to remove them. If enough people care about this issue, it could get amended. Admittedly, I only care about it enough to discuss it online, so I won't be one of those people. There is literally zero cost to discuss an issue on an internet forum, why the fuck should I care if anyone cares?

I think it's kind of stupid too

Well there you fucking go.

Just be fucking smart and don't put yourself in that situation, instead of being that fucking idiot sitting in jail thinking and shouting "THIS SHOULDNT BE ILLIGAL RELEASE ME!!!"

I have no intention of breaking unfair laws just to test them. I don't even have a car. I don't even drink. That doesn't mean I can't find a law unfair and engage in a discussion about it.

Do you honestly think your punk ass put more thought into this law than the people who put it in place?

Are you aware of the sheer number of retarded laws in place? Here, browse to your heart's content: http://www.dumblaws.com/, http://www.stupidlaws.com/, http://www.idiotlaws.com/.

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