Roma refugees victims of systemic discrimination in Canada, new report finds

Sure, it's easy to say that if you've never seen it, but travel Europe for a while and you'll see what everyone is talking about.

Are individual humans deserving of individual judgment? Yes, of course. Roma are no different in that respect.

The problem is, especially in Europe, the Roma community leaves a trail of destruction in its wake almost everywhere it goes.

To someone who's never seen it, yes, it seems racist to say "we don't want the Roma here". That's because you're assuming they mean "we don't want anyone of Roma descent here". That's not the case. They're saying "we don't want that notorious Roma culture here". And it's an opinion founded in years of bad experience.

If a Roma person disassociated themselves from the toxic "Roma culture" and tried to live a normal decent life, they'd probably still have to deal with some prejudice, and that'd be unfortunate, but it'd be nothing like what the rest of the Roma deal with because they seem to invite it with the way they conduct themselves where they go.

I posted about this phenomenon elsewhere. You live through that (and more) in your hometown, then come back here with your moral superiority.

I'll reiterate my main point, though - should each and every individual human being be given a fair chance and judged on their own merits? Absolutely. Unfortunately, this isn't an issue of "they look a certain way therefore I hate them", it's an issue of "this exact group of people caused all kinds of shit last time I was around them, so I'd rather they keep their distance."

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