The Women of Destiny

This is getting down voted because them being bad at destiny has nothing to do with them being female. Sure a small subset of destiny players are sexist assholes but I hope that the majority of the destiny population aren't. Let me tell yo about one of my experiences with a female gamer the other night.:

Was trying to get Atheon done on my Titan and having to find a PUG group I went to DLFG to try my luck. Get into a party with 5 other people who I guess knew each other. We start the encounter and deaths are happening everywhere.

Get nothing but "Venus" teleports for the first little bit and its frustrating not being able to clear the oracles/minotaur in time.

Get past that hurdle and we are mostly consistent in getting the portals done.

The the idiocy begins.

People are dying to Atheon BEFORE we get teleported. I try to tell them to just hide but they are acting stupid.

One guardian constantly gets killed during the Atheon teleport/detainment for some reason.

At this point the female in the group hasn't said anything so I did not know they were female, just that they were bad. I finally did not get teleported with this other guardian and see the detainment shell in the air. Dumb person has been jumping around before the teleports. That completely explains everything and I try to explain to them (as well as all the other idiots on my fire team) to just not move and hide instead of jumping around on the platforms.

Suddenly she speaks and calls me out saying that I didn't know what I was doing. That it was a bug or glitch that was causing her to die.

So we somehow get past that hurdle of idiocy and now we aren't dying to the teleport. Another problem crops up. People are missing the easy jump to the center platform. After a few more rounds of that I go back to orbit.

Regardless of their gender, they were just bad. I've also had a fire team with an amazing player that I did not find out was female until Atheon dissipated.

The truth of the matter is that regardless of players being male or female, I will call them out if they are bad players.

its only the White knights that jump to the rescue of female players that bother me when matchmaking.

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