23 Years Later, Kurt Cobain's Comments on Rape Are More Relevant Than Ever

teaching men not to rape

80% of rapists were raised by single mothers.

Improving access to contraceptives, the morning after pill, and information about family planning for teenagers/young adults is the solution.

Fucked up environments create fucked up people. Someone else pointed out that when Cobain made his comments forcible rapes were at their peak. So why have they declined since then?

The answer is Roe v. Wade. All the criminals that would have been raised in broken homes and poverty were aborted in the womb and never grew up to rob, rape, and murder.

Teaching men not rape? What is that going to accomplish? The kids who grew up in loving stable environments are going to get a complex and feelings of self loathing for being evil raping cis-het shitlords when they were never the problem in the first place.

The kids from crap environments are going to be too busy being traumatized by their shitty lives to pay attention to any kind of moral grand standing by a feminist speaker in the school auditorium. It won't work. The people you are trying to reach are unreachable with words. They need so much more than a bunch of politically correct lectures.

If kids starting at age 14 could walk into the school nurse's office and get contraceptives or plan B without any drama from adults that's what would solve the problem.

On top of that maybe teach girls not to have kids until they're an adult in a stable relationship. (I kid, I kid. I couldn't help turning things around and making the jab though.)

Obviously the problem here is that the real solution breaks the narrative for both social conservatives and social justice warriors.

Conservatives can't handle the fact that letting adolescents bump uglies without horrific consequences is the answer; not jeebus. SJW's don't like being faced with a lot of the uncomfortable implications of the facts that single mom's are the ones creating the demons they're worried about and aborting the degenerate underclass is the path to peace.

Hopefully all the SJWs and the moral majority will decide to face off in the thunderdome, destroy each other, and leave the rest of us to build a sane and safe society.

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