[Rosenthal] Kimbrel deal with #Cubs will be three years and close to $45M, sources tell The Athletic.

Bowman said it was more about the years than the money. That was the report earlier today from Rosenthal as well. For whatever reason AA and Liberty didn’t want to commit to anything long term. Most likely they probably wanted him for this year and one more. You can’t tell me Kimbrel won’t be better than any of the other bullpen guys right now even after 3 years. The new trend seems to be getting super young guys and locking them up for cheap a la Acuña and Albies. They moved on Donaldson bc it’s one year. I’ve also been hearing about how much sense Keuchel makes for the Braves but they are a “distant second” to the Yankees. Just another half-hearted attempt so they can say we’re in on all the big names but money plus years doesn’t work out. Liberty is fine with creating a team that’s consistently good but never quite great.

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