Russia preparing to attack Ukraine by late January: Ukraine defense intelligence agency chief

Let me explain why the war with Russia, and China is inevitable. So this 2 countries, or empires or whatever you call them are neo-communists states. Yes, they never gave up communists ideas, even when they pretended it. For one it means war. Always. Like first thing Russia did after revolution is collected 'all theire lands', and then Big war or 'World's revolution' WW2. Now it's repeating to the tee. Second for the while West was thinking that by investing in theire economies and by making level of living of people out there increase, they will give up theire commie ideas. But here's the catch in those two shitholes people never will live better, no metter how much money or technology is invested. Because this communist ideology requires it, poor people and war this is 2 staples. Any excess money simply goes to weapons or stolen. It's actually theire policy. So West was feeding 2 monsters for all this years, then they become aggressive, Honk Kong, Taiwan, Ukraine.... And what is more sad is that the behavior of West right now is opposite from what should be.

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