Russian soldier in Ratnik uniform and combat engineer from the storm and breaching battalion. [2048x1536]

well my point is they are showing off "badly", when they are filming they always show bad dated gear, vanilla rifles, no radios no sights, no plate carriers.

They are showing GI gear, because regulations says so, and there is a many Idiot-Generals around with a punishing hard-on.

And at least some changes happened in the last 8 years ... for one OBrSpN and Recon are now exclusively manned by pro/contract servicemen (since around 3 years ago) ... unless MoD is lying

Only 3rd and 24th brigades are fully contract. Creation of SSO drained obrspns and highlighted lack of qualified manpower to fill the gaps. I don't know about recon at divisional level, but i doubt that they are contractors.

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