How often and why do you use cannabis? Also, what are your benefits from it?

I smoke only Haze, normal Cannabis doesn't have the effect anymore that I am seeking for. I am too scared to take LSD or other stuff, so Haze is the only thing that can take me "to a other world". Cannabis is for everyone different I think. I am always knocked out when I smoked. Lying in my bed, being aware that I smoked and that this feeling vanishes but like I mentioned, I am not here anymore, in this world. And this is the reason I smoke.

I lie down in my bed, everything is spinning in my bed, I feel like I drank a bottle of Wodka. After 5 or 10 minutes, my body gets used to it, I becoem calmer and then my thoughts start. I get some ideas for short stories, I can solve the problems in my mind which I face now, for example how to study right for exams. I get motivation, which I can use the next day when I am sober again. I am dreaming, but I am awake and I am controlling this dream.

After that, I get extremly horny. Haze is the best drug for sex I think but I am single right now, so I am watching porn and watching it after a joint feels better than some sexual experiences from my past. You just make up your on story then.

After that I eat, enjoy the food which tastes much better and then I can do some things like gaming, watchign a movie. And again, the experience is so much different while being stoned. You're not only watching it, you're living it.

I smoke this Haze maybe 5 - 10 times in a year, it always depends on. I have full controll over this consume. I would never smoke everyday because Haze can make you really addicted and it's not good for your mind. Furthermore, if you smoke too much, the effect won't be that strong anymore. And I really don't want to miss it.

Right now I am on a break because I don't feel like smoking anymore. I think in summer 2015 I am going to smoke my next one. I started working out again, I would like to run a half-marathon next year so nothing goes into my lungs.

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