Sam Harris calmly dismantles Shapiro on religion and morality, this is probably the most concise and practical discussion I've seen that comprehensively deconstructs the flaws of religion.

I think it's also important to note that not all Muslim countries do stuff like that and not all countries who do stuff like that are Muslim. I personally find it frustrating that most Westerners imagine something between Saudi Arabia and the Taliban when they imagine Muslim countries and that's just not accurate (and also is influenced by culture, anti-western backlash caused by Western Imperialism, and not necessarily Islam itself.

Because most Western atheists were raised Christian or around Christians it's much less likely their criticisms are going to be based on bigoted generalizations or xenophobia. And while American Christians want to believe they're persecuted Muslim Americans actually are. So I prefer to give former Muslims the platform and voice to criticize Islam in a way that's going to be accurate and isn't going to contribute to racism and bigotry.

Honestly though, I'm a pretty laid back atheist, not an Evangelical one. I think promoting secular humanism is better than insulting peoples' religion but that's just me.

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