Sam Harris: Journey to Atheism Sparked by 9/11

That's great. Maybe it was taught and I just missed it due to ongoing indoctrination at the same time. The way I remember it, "critical thinking" and the scientific method were taught as problem solving skills, but teaching kids to apply these skills to crosscheck their own existing biases wasn't really a thing. Too much risk of annoying religiously or politically entrenched parents. Maybe I was a special kind of asshat to not intuit that for myself, but IMO critical thinking including self-examination, biases, fallacy, and some basic psych and emotional intelligence should be required curriculum at 11th and 12th grade level. Not everyone goes to college, but everyone deserves a little help sparking insights into the hidden corners of their own Dunning-Kruger brains.

I can't believe we as a society hand our kids a pass to alcohol, tobacco, firearms, 2000 lbs of steel on wheels, and the right to vote without asking them to get more familiar with their own minds.

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