[San Francisco] Moving on up to a much better apartment means we only will last 7 months on our emergency fund. How bad is that? It makes me feel like we're living paycheck-to-paycheck

There are additional cost from living outside the city.

  • By living in the city we pay 68$ per month on all our transportation needs. If we moved we would have to use our car (currently stored at a relatives) and pay for BART. 500$ per month would be the min needed for commuting cost from the East Bay

  • Healthcare. I have a chronic condition and see a local doctor for it. Each apointment is 10$ each, and she can accomodate my schedule as needed. If we moved I would need to find another doctor and deal with that stress plus additional cost of it all. (My doctor does the work of 3, so I save at least 80-100$ per month by going to her).

  • Time spent commuting is time wasted. It is better to have a 15 minute walk to work than an 1.5 commute of car, bart, and bus. This applies to my husband and myself. I spend those extra 3 hours translating freelance. I cannot do that if my commute is hella long.

  • Job security and oppotunity. The job I have in my field is on call, sometimes with only an hour notice. By being so close I can be the first one there, and be presentable since I have 45 minute cushion to get ready. I was hired for this reason, same with my other job. I am able to get interviews, and so forth for better jobs because of my location. This applies to my husband as well though he isn't job hunting.

For some people moving to a cheaper area means cheaper everything. For us it means I lose at least one of my jobs, pay 500$ per month commuting, 100$ per month on increased health care and waste 3 hours of my day commuting rather than being productive.

Nevertheless, my question is about my emergency fund and savings and how to utelize my new place.

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