The Satanic Temple: The Law is on our side. The courts are not

I mean, sure, my point was more just that it's wrong to say (actual) satanism requires accepting christainity - i'm not disputing that this varient of satanism is mostly a political statement rather then a religion. Though actual satanists do still exist.

For one i'm not sure i follow the logic of how being an obvious troll agaisnt all relgions would somehow be inherently more deserving of recognition then one specifcially targerting christanity. Why does targeting one religion directly make it less legit? It would still be obvious satire either way.

For two the reason they go with satan and attacking christanity is fairly obvious. because they wouldn't get anywhere near as much attention otherwise. There are many general secular and anti-religion actvist groups out there - i imagine you haven't heard of most of them.

noone would give a shit about a group praising the Flying Spaghetti Monster - but Satanism is exciting, it get's peoples attention. it's Marketing.

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