It's Saturday 4th June 2016, 12 noon. You're at London King's Cross train station with £500, a passport and 24 hours to get away. For every £1 leftover at the end, you get £1,000. For every mile you are from King's Cross, you get £10,000. In 24 hours, where are you? How much have you won?

I've done that Jailbreak thing while at uni and ended up in Berlin from London spending nothing at all. Would have earned me £6,500,000

But to answer the question:

I'd cross the road and go to Boots at St Pancras Station and get a meal deal for £3.79. Probably a prawn mayonnaise, chicken salad and BLT triple with a protein bar and a can of Starbucks Iced Espresso because I fucking love them.

I'd stand outside and bum a cigarette off somebody and smoke it while enjoying my lunch and consulting my phone on where the fuck to go and wondering just how I got into this insane position.

Then a slow wander back inside and buy a ticket for the 1310 ThamesLink to Gatwick (LGW) Airport. £7.90 according to the Trainline website.

Arriving at Gatwick at around 1410 I'd locate the AirEuropa desk and purchase a ticket for the 1715 flight to Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini Airport (EXE). Skyscanner tells me that's £464 and the flight duration is 18h55m. Meaning I'd arrive in Argentina at 1110, giving me 50 minutes to disembark, pass through passport control and go and spend 30 pesos on a beer to await the arrival of the generous maniac who set this whole thing up.

Leaves me about £23 which earns £23,000 and I've travelled a 'crow-flies' distance of 6,941 miles, earning £69,410,000. Total of £69,433,000 which isn't bad for a day's work. I'd probably blow a good £10,000 of that that night on a ridiculous hotel and a lot of cocaine.

The best you could possible do (assuming you stay on the planet and that this distance is calculated over land, not through the Earth) is to get to the exact antipode for free which would be 12,451 miles. Giving you £125,010,000.

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