A US Secret Service official confirms to CNN that the USSS has spoken to the Trump campaign regarding his Second Amendment comments.

And democrats have done the same.

The tone has turned this election to eliminationism on both sides. But it's democrats who fail to see their fault.

Believe me, in work with plenty of them. Tump supporters are aware of what they want. They want illegal immigrants gone, and Muslim conflict zone immigration banned. They aren't ashamed of this. Attacking them effects nothing.

The democrats want to rid the country of racists, sexists, the unPC. I've heard the words purge cleanse being thrown around.

I've seen democrat protestors attack trump supporters.

I've watched a president and candidate blame white America for the deaths of African Americans, ambiguously worded calls for action that could be misinterpreted as a call to violence, exactly as this trump situation has.

Except it did result in violence. Multiple terrorist attacks to be clear.

Too many democrats cannot see farther than their own hubris. So high up on their self-righteous moral superiority pedistal they cannot fathom anything they would do could be wrong.

This country will fall to authoritarianism and eliminationism. But it is the democrats who will lead us to it.

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