Sen. Schumer, Warren Call for Canceling $1 Trillion of Federal Student Debt

Wow that’s a straw man argument and then some. Also, the Paycheck Protection Program was designed so that businesses could keep paying their employees, even if they weren’t working. Don’t conflate it into some handout to business owners. Like I said, I think direct payments would have been more effective, but it was a bailout for wage earners as much as anyone else. Abuses of the program were an inevitable cost of expediency. Regardless, it’s still a bad analogy to people who borrowed money to buy something without any plan on how they’d pay it back. And fuck you for saying people who made sacrifices I’m sure you can’t even imagine to either pay for their education or give up pursuing their education because they couldn’t afford it. Also your comment re the civil rights act is fucked up and imo kinda racist.

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