September 8 - Why?

Ima take this deep

Why do I have 8 eyeshadow palettes?

  • I wear non-nutral looks. Color is all up in there

  • I don't have many dupes beside my transition shade and brow none color

  • Eyeshadow is my favorite in every way

Conclusion? I need to be on a super smart-buy and maybe only make custom palettes from here on out or perfect palette purchases.

Why do I have 7 concealers?

  • I'm looking for a HG

Conclusion? Use, toss, or return. No buy in this category.

Why do I do my makeup?

  • it is relaxing

  • the only thing I do for myself (SAHM)

  • it is so artistic and self expressive to me

Why do I keep buying more?

  • I honestly have gaps in my collection for daily use.

  • if I'm stressed I buy online to be excited for a package. Stop it.

  • I keep thinking this will be my HG. It isnt. Then I get a new one.

Conclusion? Smart/low buy. Use or return the uloved before purchasing in the same category.

I keep freaking taking everyone I knows discarded makeup like I'm going to use it. Why?

  • waste not want not??? Oh my God chili that is hoarding no

Conclusion? Say no and treat it like your buying it.

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