[Serious] Has anyone been really drunk or on drugs when a natural disaster hit? How did you handle it?

Kinda anti climactic but if you look at my username, it puts things in perspective.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was out and the wind was breezy. My wife and I had just got finished smoking a little Mary. We were in our room just listening to the quiet and talking. (Sometimes it's good to just sit or lay in silence and do absolute nothing.) I was laying on the floor in dead silence just letting my mind wander when out of no where my body seemed to be swaying a bit back and forth. At first my mind though it was maybe a helicopter really close by creating a strong rumbling. But the sound plus the sudden swaying of my body told be different. I immediately jump to my feet and start running around like a maniac. As I was busy doing that, my wife was looking for our pets. She is for sure the more calm and level headed one about these sorts of things. So anyways, I have completely lost it at this point. The earthquake lasted maybe a minute and it's been about 30 min and I'm still a fucking mess. I ran outside and up my neighbor hood I'm search of something. Probably my sanity. Some neighbors had the radio from there car blasting because power went out and all phones were jammed. I could hear the radio saying that northern va had just been hit with a minor earthquake. I never had experienced one before and I surely was not prepared. And especially with being high, my anxiety was at an all time high. I was ready for a zombie apocalypse. I mean, my mind was fucking OUT THERE. I was ready to off myself so that I wouldn't have to endure whatever tsunami, zombies, after shocks or Armageddon that was about to happen. and even now I'm praying everyday that I don't have to go through that again. Because it will send me into the same panic that I was in last time. And btw, I finally was able to sit still thanks to my very understanding wife and to the sweet older pakistanian lady was that lived next door. She sat with me on my porch and just rubbed my back and told me some stories from her country. It helped a little.

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