[Serious] Have you ever saved anyone's life? How did it happen?

Once there was a car accident outside on house on Thanksgiving morning around 11am. I live on a notoriously blind curve and holidays tend to make us nervous, what with all the intoxicated drivers on the roads and what not.

I was in my room playing video games at the time while my family was making food in the kitchen (very noisy). I heard a really loud smashing sound from my window and ran downstairs to find out what the hell it was. The whole family claimed they didn't hear anything but I was really bugged out about it so I got on my coat and walked down to the bottom of the driveway near the road. We have a very long driveway so you can't quiiiite see the road from the house.

Either way I walk down there and holy shit there's a car with it's hood wrapped around a small tree. The car had clearly slid off the road going around the crazy blind curve, fallen in to the big ditch filled with dry leaves, and then finally hit the tree to end the ordeal. I saw smoke coming from the engine and a few people inside.

I called the house phone from my cell down there and yelled "COME DOWN HERE THERE'S A REAL BAD ACCIDENT, CALL 911." and then hung up as fast as possible. Traffic was not bad so I run over to the car to see what's going on. There's a driver with some blood on his nose, a sister in the passenger seat crying and very frazzled, and two more people in the back equally as distraught. I yell at them to get out of the car because it's smoking and then insist they go lie down on my lawn to stabilize their spines until the FD/PD/AMB get there.

They agree even though they're all so shaken up and 3 of them follow me to the lawn. They sit there and I go "What happened? How do you feel? Are you okay???".

Instantly the sister cries out in tears "SHE'S STILL IN THERE!!!"

"What?? Who?", I ask frantically.


I panic. The car is now smoking a lot. The dry leaves under the car have clearly begun to catch fire from a spark or something.

I run over to the car without even thinking about how dangerous the situation really is. I'm in panic mode. I RUN to the car and the sister is in tears on the phone with her boyfriend. She's sitting in the back seat and just cannot get a grip on what the hell is happening. She's totally frazzled and afraid to get out of the car. I literally had to pull her by the arm out of the car and drag her over to the lawn even though her limbs were working perfectly fine...

I fuck with you not... about 15 seconds after I put her on the lawn the whole car burst into the scariest black, red, and death-like flames I had ever seen. I saved her by about 15 seconds. I also almost killed myself.

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