[Serious] how has childhood trauma affected your daily life?

I was molested for several years as a child. I went through years of drug addiction , denial and self destruction. I am nearly 3 years sober and have made peace with my past. How does this trauma currently affect my life?
I believe it has made me less open to building new relationships. I have some friends, a wife and son. Not introverted or shy, i just dont trust new people or their intentions and have no desire to chance it. My wife is very outgoing and friendly so i am acquainted with alot of her friends but its very surface level for me. I do my best. Some things you cant change about yourself and that is ok. I am now( after alot of hard work and fuck ups) very happy with my life. Its liberating to feel free from the demons that have always consumed you. Anyone who is still battling theirs, i truly hope you find yourself and i wish you nothing but happiness and success on your journey.

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