[SERIOUS] Men of reddit, who are unable to share their emotions with anyone, what would you like to share?

I just feel lost.

My whole life, I feel like I've conformed to society. Went to school, went to university, got a job and got married but didn't at any stage feel like I got to know or understand me.

I have zero hobbies or interests and have nothing interesting to ever talk about. I have a close group of friends who I rarely see since I moved from my hometown a few years back and have struggled to make friends in this new town. I never get a call or a text first from anyone unless I initiate it first and then it feels like I'm bothering them.

It's hard finding motivation and something that interests me, I speak to my friends who have passion in things and hearing them talk about it, it amazes me how they've learned so much and how much it interests them and its really cool listening to them speaking about it.. I'd like to have interest/passion in something/anything.

I tend to just copy people and take ideas that I find or sound interesting and try develop interest in those topics but it feels fake/forced..

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