[Serious] Paris Attacks Megathread

I followed the news as it unfolded and thought it was truly upsetting. I was however shocked by all the seemingly anti-islamic comments floating around on this site,the guardian balanced it out for me. I went to work and the teacher was showing the class footage after footage of the attacks! I assist students who don't have English as their first language to access the curriculum so I break down the learning objectives so they understand the lesson.'Extremism in religions' was the topic of the day. I sat their explaining an awful event to a Bulgarian student. Every now and then she would turn to me and ask,''Miss but why do they do this''. At the end of the lesson when the students left the teacher said,''I feel really bad today''. I assumed she was talking about the attack...Oddly enough she was talking about menstrual cramps. Then strangely enough I felt upset as she demonstrated lack of empathy. Another colleague was emotional as his son started school today...and we had a minute of silence...and lo behold some other students talked of how there is some trouble in their countries and how no one cares about that. I was not thrilled to hear this. I honestly believe this organisation is evil to the core and has the sole purpose of turning humanity against one another. You see people do not understand seemingly complex but simple concepts. Sharing the devastation felt by the innocent people massacred in France does not have to be mutually exclusive from criticising the hostile political policies of French politicians nor does it have to mean we do not share the pain of other innocent victims. I hope the show of solidarity and compassion can perhaps extend to all innocent victims of senseless killings. So there was not a change in attitude at my work place if anything there was a slight increase in niceties. My new shoes were a tad too tight so a colleague offered me some of her spare ones .

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