(Serious) People who almost died, but lived because of a gut decision, what's your story?

In 2007 I was 21 and drinking heavily. My apartment was a popular place to drink and party, lots of people in and out, many of which I carefully knew. One night I'm invited to a party at another location. I thought one of the girls going was cute so I pile into their car. We arrive and drink and it's all super fun. Time comes to leave and they offer me a ride home and for some reason i just knew there was no force on earth that'd get me in that car. At the time we were all huge pieces of shit that frequently drove drunk and thought nothing of it. There was no reason for me to think that night was any different. I stay behind, they take off. I never see any of them again.

Over the years I heard several versions about what happened, but most start with claims the driver being an idiot and trying to show off to the girls and it ending with everybody dead. I also heard one girl survived, but she wasn't somebody we showed up with, so I don't know her name or if she actually lived or died. The other people in the car were all acquaintances of mine and they did actually die. Ages were 19-21.

Tl;dr the one time I decide to not get in a car with a bunch of wasted kids and they all died tragically/ predictably.

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