[Serious] People who have seriously injured/killed someone in self defence, what's your story?

Girlfriend and I were spending the night at her parent's house. Her father an I are sitting out on the back porch talking and enjoying some cigars. Since we're being relatively quiet, I guess the two guys who climbed into their side yard didn't hear us back there.

So lo' and behold these two black guys come wandering around the corner carrying a pair of duffle bags and what looked to be either a bat or a crowbar and meander on up to the side door of the patio. (In Florida, backyards like this are common. A screened in pool/patio with a side door to access the rest of the property.)

Having not gotten changed since arriving earlier in the day, I had my CCW on me. They spot us at around the same time we start screaming at them and I begin to draw. Both throw their hands up immediately, with the one carrying the tool dropping it. One dipshit though, for whatever reason, drops his hand back down towards his waist. I fire twice, he falls down, and his friend tries making a run for the fence.

The first guy is on the ground crying and screaming, yet in the darkness I can't see his hands or what he was reaching for. So I kind of freeze up. If I shoot him on the ground it'll look bad. If he was going for a gun, there's nothing stopping him from returning fire once he gets control of himself. Her father resolved that scenario by running up and giving the guy a swift punt to the side of the head as he took off after the one who ran. While he's reeling from the kick, I drop my gun on the table and run over to him to deliver a second punt and start attempting to restrain him. I later learned that only one of my shots hit him, and it knicked his hip (and took a nice silver dollar sized chunk of flesh and bone with it), that combined with his panic made him slip on the wet lawn.

Her Dad wrangles the other one, who's finding it extremely difficult to scale a slippery fence in a panic and hurls him into onto the floor and proceeds to just rain haymakers on him. He clearly didn't need help, so I just sat on top of my upstanding urban youth to make sure he wasn't going anywhere.

At this point their neighbor comes out yelling and trying to figure out what's going on and on our front, the house lights are coming on as the womenfolk were woken up by the noise. After hollering the situation to him over the fence, he runs back inside and grabs his phone to call the police. Then, for some reason, hops over the fence into our lawn and starts kicking the shit out of my new basketball-American friend/cushion. While he's on the phone with 9-11.

We drag them both out front into the driveway and hold them until the sheriff's deputies arrive with rescue. One asshole gets a ride downtown and the other gets to go to the hospital. It was after the deputies frisked him that we realized he was going for a multitool of all things when I drew on him. This son of a bitch wanted to bring a pair of pliers to a gun fight.

We fucked those guys up good. Her father found fucking teeth in the lawn a few days later. In hindsight it was pretty badass, but at the time it was easily the most horrifying experience I had ever had.

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