[Serious] People with mental health disorders, what is one common major misconception about your disorder?

Not OP but I have austism. From what I've seen, heard, read, and been told high functioning autism is very similar to aspergers, to the point some people are trying to get them officially reconized as the same thing.

You have to understand everyone's symptoms are different, and severity varies greatly from barely functioning to where you wouldn't know if the person didn't say. My friend who is autistic doesn't get social cues at all. The whole classroom groans when she starts talking and you can see them stare, willing her to shut up, and she's oblivious. Personally I have trouble reconizing facial expressions, and I struggle with giving a fuck what people think of me. I'll try to be nice but if you don't like me, that's not my problem. Too many people in this world to impress everyone, so why bother? I'm also sensitive to flickering lights. I swear to god I will notice if the lights flicker. Also very picky eater. Teenager and still eating chicken tenders at restaurants. Skin picking. Sorry, but if my feet are soft from getting wet, I will peel the skin off them. Why wouldn't you?

Biggest symptom is my meltdowns. They only happen with family amd rarely anymore, but they can be awful. It's like a switch is in my brain and any tiny thing can and will flip it off. Once it's flipped I lose control. I'm aware of my actions and the consequences but in that moment I don't give a fuck, and I wont until later. Even then, I'm not sorry. My "apology" is an attempt to get ungrounded.

I hate changes in routine, but not small ones. I will be pissed if my parents don't tell me I have a doctors appointment friday night until friday morning. It won't make a difference in what I do for the rest of the day, but if I was expecting to relax and you change that I will be pissed. Sorry. My friend with autism doesn't give a fuck about routine. Neither of us give any fucks about patterns at all.

I'm sorry but you can't just generalize that much. It's possible to find multiple autistic people with very few overlapping symptoms.

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