[Serious] Redditors in Russia - how is Donald Trump being portrayed and perceived by the people in your country?

Everyone wants a piece of Moscow. Moscow is Russia's Big Apple. People from Chechnya, and all across Russia, will go to Moscow to go to college, or try to get a foothold.

The problem is with Chechen young people. Chechnya is huge on respecting your elders, and has a lot of rigid codes of conduct one has to follow. For example, your older brother tells you to punch a sleeping bear in the face, you better go and punch a sleeping bear in the face. Your older brother is the General and you are a Private.

Any wrong or disrespectful act you commit is not just on YOU. If YOU are a piece of shit, your family is the family of a piece of shit, your extended family is the family of the family of the piece of shit, your clan is the clan that has a family with a piece of shit in it, your home town/village is the town/village that has the piece of shit in it. So you have ALL of these pressures to conform to. If you are a junkie, chances are your family will try to help you, but if you are beyond help, they'll bury you themselves. BUT, this is also the reason why there are literally no homeless Chechens in the world, if you are down on your luck your immediate or extended family will pick you up. If you have no one, unrelated Chechens will pick you up, because you still represent the nation and it'll be shameful to have homeless Chechens. BUT, if you are beyond help, your extended family will bury you themselves.

If someone older than you walks into the room, you get the fuck up and offer your seat. If there are fifty people in the room, everyone younger even by a day of that person will stand up.

If you unjustly kill someone, you or your family member WILL die. It's not a question of "if" but a question of "when." Some blood feuds have been carried out for murders that happened a hundred years ago.

Cowardice is one of the greatest offenses you can commit. It's okay to be weak, but if someone offends you, you must fight back. And people will test you. If you lose a couple of times in the row, but you are still fighting back, you'll put into the "has balls" category, and others will stop anyone else from bothering you again. If you don't fight back and become a pushover, the others will join in to destroy you, until you grow a backbone or become a shut-in and hide in your house.

These are just some examples to give you an idea for the foundation. Unfortunately, all these rules apply only to fellow Chechens. Add to this the mentality that if you are hated, it's much better to be feared, and the fact that Chechens are arguably the most hated, and the biggest, minority in Russia, and you get a recipe for disaster when young Chechens go to Russia to seek education or better financial opportunities.

Suddenly, you no longer have all those societal constraints. Anything that happens in Vegas Moscow stays in Moscow. You can date girls, and they'll even fuck you before marriage! You shit-test a guy, like you are used to, and surprise, that guy has likely NOT been training in a combat sport and/or street fighting since he has been little, he's a total pushover! Not just him, a LOT of people are total pushovers. Are you running short on cash? Just take his cellphone! Oh look, he literally just handed it to you without a fight! What is this place!? How is this real life!? Suddenly, you are the king of the hills in your little bubble. You think you are the shit! Fuck with enough people, and you'll run into someone stronger. What do you do then? Stop acting like a piece of shit and straighten up? Of course not! Your time in this heaven is limited, you'll soon be going back home to be reunited with your family and you'll be back to following all those rules! Instead, call some fellow Chechens for help! They are bound by the honor code to back you up! Make some story up about how it's the other guys' fault and they'll have to take your word for it! Now you are back to being a king of your shitty little hill!

Rinse and repeat enough times until stereotypes are solidified, and Russians are over your shit and want to build a wall around your Republic.

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