[Serious] To those of you who have lost a friend (death or other permanent loss) how did you lose them and how do you feel about it now?

I lost touch with my best friend about 3 years ago. His parents were from Pakistan and were some what strict muslims. (didn't eat pork, no drugs etc.) but they didn't go to a mosque and his mom wore regular clothing. Anyways we became friends when we were about 13 and started walking home from school together. He used to always stop off at mine and we would play the original nazi zombies map on CoD5. We got really into it and every day we'd try and beat our high score and look up tactics on youtube etc.

Friendship branched out from that. I introduced him to my friends and he became part of our group. And being 13 this was just around the time that drug experimentation crept in to our social circle and to cut a long story short we ended up the school stoner group. Except for me I didn't smoke weed till I was 18. Not because I was waiting till I was an adult it just so happened that this was around the time I realised that weed isn't the same as meth.

So he got high for the first time in this grouping of trees in the middle of a field. Imagine a cluster of maybe 15 trees closely compacted together making a mini forest in the middle of a wheat field. He was telling me how he got a pepsi after and it was the best drink he ever had and from then he was hooked. Being super straight edge I obviously didn't approve but hey he's my best friend what ever.

Fast forward maybe 2 years he now drinks, eats pork and smokes cigarettes. I kind of encouraged the drinking and pork consumptions coos I was constantly giving him a hard time for being religious. Not being a prick just in that way when you can take the piss out of someone and they always know it's meant light heartedly. But he started getting out of control and would come in to class high as fuck and go to the toilet for a cig in the middle of lessons.

We actually had a few arguments about this but it was that kind of friendship where no matter how big of a falling out we had we'd see each other the next day and just start laughing and be like "wow we're so gay haha". Again I know that's offensive but we were 15. At one point we even had a full on fight over me pouring a can of soda over him in the playground. Like a proper "i'll meet you at the park and we'll do this thing" Fight. We beat the shit out of each other for like half an hour with half of our year watching until an old man called the police and everyone ran. And the next day in school? "Haha oh my god I cant believe we did that!"

Also through out all this we stayed passionate to playing all the new zombie maps together as they were released and would regularly have sleep overs dedicated to zombie sessions. It was kind of our thing. Sorry i'm kind of getting away from the point so i'll get to it; His parents foudn out about the weed and alcahol. The drinking they tolerated but the smoking was the straw that broke the camels back. He was also a fucking moron when it came to beign discreet and would smoke out his window in his room and spray deodorant after.

His older brother (who was basically his Dad because his Dad died when he was 7) would beat him whenever he caught him etc. but that didn't stop him. So one day he smoked the joint that broke the camels back and when I was walking to meet him on the way to school (We're 16 now) and he tells me his parents were forcing him to move to Pakistan for 6 months to save his soul or what ever you want to call it. They had already made arrangements and it was happening in a week.

We had one last sleepover and played the "Kino Der Toten" Map on Black ops 1. Made it to like round 35 and decided to make a last stand on the stage area of the map while playing the song "What a wonderful world" (that kind of shit made us crack up). So he goes to Pakistan but when he gets there his facebook gets deleted, I can't call him and basically all of his contacts are gone. For sale sign came up on his house and that was game over. I just ranted about how his parents were cunts with my other friends and how fucked up it was. I wasn't so much upset that he was gone as I was pissed that something like that actually happened.

So yeah i'm 19 now. I don't think about it much. Looking back he did need help and he's probably doing really well. He had a wealthy pakistani family and spoke fondly of his home country when ever he visited before. And while he was an awesome friend he could be a selfish little shit. Hehe I dont want to end it on that note but I don't really know what else to say. I did miss him but I dunno I guess I just didn't want to let it get to me.

Sorry if it's poorly written just wrote it as I thought about it. The end...

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