[Serious] What changes would you like to see in the front page default subreddits?

I personally think the front page needs a clean up.
I would like to see the following subreddits removed from the front page:


/r/Creepy: this subreddit is just awful, and I think many /r/creepy subscribers feel similarly (especially those who were subscribed before it was front-paged). Sometimes I think it’s an inside joke the content is so bad, and any given frontpage post will be filled with comments sharing this sentiment. I think /r/Atheism was removed for not being up to snuff, /r/creepy far beyond that. The current top post in /r/creepy is a girl ravaged by nuclear explosion, and is truly inappropriate and in poor taste, not only for the front page but for /r/creepy (which is how they roll I guess).


/r/GetMotivated: This is probably a great resource when you’re actually looking to get motivated. Most users who are looking for some encouragement or help to get motivated are probably going to seek it out, and it would probably be more meaningful to seek it out rather than have it spoonfed on the same shitboard your wasting your time on/want to escape. It seems to me having /r/getmotivated on the front page is meaningless, and I think it makes reddit look silly having all these heroic quotes and statements in between PsBattles and bill murray jerksessions. (That, and having quotes against a picture background is suspiciously like /r/adviceanimals, which is not on the frontpage for a reason).


/r/Futurology & /r/Gadgets : Both of these subreddits have content that often falls under the umbrella of /r/technology. It is too often that the front page is filled with similar, sometimes even identical posts in /r/gadgets and /r/technology (apple iThing or new flagship device). /r/Futurology has similar shared content, but I think /r/futurology just has poor content. It often feels like clickbait, like a magazine feature title from Wired or Popular Science, and like those clickbait articles, there usually is no substance.


/r/listentothis: This should be removed because this is actually identical to what /r/music does: post links to songs to listen to.


/r/TwoXChromosomes: Well I don’t know what to say about this one actually, other than to say I don’t think it’s a good fit for the front page. I’m kind of surprised the double x community wanted to be on the front page, as I would think you would rather have a more sincere or private community to discuss relevant issues and personal matters without the scrutiny of the internets (sort of like how /r/askhistorians skillfully avoided the front page to protect the integrity and sophistication of its content). I personally don’t mind having double x on the front page, and maybe the exposure has helped grow the community, but I wonder how the atmosphere has changed since being frontpaged.


As for what I would like to see on the FP, I’m not sure what I would suggest. I prefer having my specific interest subreddits separate from the front page. My ideal front page is about entertainment, stories, and events, and I then go to my interest-subreddits for community, discussion and events, and learning or questions. I’m not sure why /r/bestof was removed from the frontpage. That’s one of my favorite subreddits for learning new things and reading good stories from people and finding good new subreddits. Really everything you would probably want to further invest client interest in reddit.


TL;DR: /r/creepy, /r/getmotivated, /r/futurology & /r/gadgets need to go.

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