[Serious] What do you need to get off your chest right now?

I feel like a failure. Its been a year and I'm still unable to find a job. I graduated in 2019 and can't seem to get my foot in the door in a career I pivot to. It seems everyone else gets in and things go wrong with me. People younger to me seem with same qualifications get jobs, but my application gets rejected. I have applied to almost 120+ position in last few months and all got rejected. I reach out to the people on my network who are higher up and they all ghost me out. All my life I have been a helpful person. I can't understand why is this happening. A couple of freelance projects got cancelled literally in the last few minutes.

I am tired. I am seen as a go to guy for advice so I can't express these feeling to people around me. It's choking me from inside. My sibling is earning $100K+ and I'm in tuition debt. I think I should have just went on with a straight line career. I don't know what to do. I don't feel like applying to jobs as I know I will be ghosted or get another rejection template mail.


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