[Serious] What is stopping you from killing yourself?

I feel for me it’s cause I fear death in the sense that shit may get so bad, but taking the ‘easy way out’ doesn’t seem easy because I don’t believe in afterlife. I believe once you’re dead you’re just dead and that’s all you get and the world will move on without you and develop into things you wished you could’ve seen. You put so much hurt into family and friends who will have to tell people from time to time about their brother, uncle, father, mother, daughter, etc. who killed themselves and how they may have been a factor in the part. Life can get really bad, but it feels a lot better in my head then being gone completely. Taking it day by day I’ll be able to see the world develop, have some great moments among the bad, start a family and watch that family grow, see where my job takes me, see where science and the world takes itself into the amazing future. I’ll plainly just be able to see and experience

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