[Serious] What is your closest near-death experience?

I was 16 and extremely depressed. One school morning I decided I had enough. Instead of going to class I walked off campus and took an Uber to the Golden Gate. You can probably guess why.

The driver dropped me off at the start of the walkway on the bridge. I kept walking until I was sure nobody would see me. When I was sure there would be nobody to stop me, I threw my right leg over the rail and put both of my hands on the rail so I could vault my left leg over and jump.

Out of nowhere, a group of foreign travelers pulled me down. I was so sure there was nobody there. They didn’t speak much English but there was so much fear and concern in their eyes that they didn’t need to say anything. I just... couldn’t bring myself to go through with it anymore.

One of the people in the group spoke Spanish so I tried to use some of the Spanish I learned at school to explain myself. Honestly, though, I don’t think I even knew how to explain myself in English. I had so many emotions going in so many different directions.

Definitely one of the most harrowing experiences I’ve ever gone through.

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