(Serious) where do racist people come from?

I grew up in a fairly codependent situation which is actually pretty common for working ranch families and does serve a purpose. We didn't overtly talk about race, but there were some anecdotes and they weren't very flattering mostly.

I can tell you this, othering is pretty normal in a sink or swim operation like a family ranch. Also, if it doesn't have anything to do with survival, it doesn't mean much.

I can tell you that I've seen more actual racism coming from people with small amounts of exposure to people of other races in the wrong settings. Most of the people I know are so terrified of offending anyone, they mostly expose the soft underbelly of systemic racism. Yes, without an ounce of hatred in their hearts, they have created preconceived notions and they haven't served well because people are individuals and you don't know what you're dealing wi or h when you deal with someone new, ever...

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